Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cyprus- Part 1

A few wks ago, my gf Carla and I went on a mini vaycay to Cyprus.

I found a flight for €125 with return, so I booked it without hesitation. I met with Carla right away, and over some hot, steamy ballz of falafels, we decided, YES! This will be a girl's trip!

So our journey began.
Last time I've visited Cyprus was 2 years ago. I visited Larnaca, and I had enough of the city in just one day.
We had high hopes on Limassol, because lots of our friends recommended Limassol over Larnaca.

I want some REAL food!

Arriving at Larnaca Airport.

So after riding on the 3hour bus from Chania to Heraklion + a 1'15 hr flight, we took another 1 hour bus that got us to Limassol. On all of the maps we reviewed before our trip, it was suppose to drop us off very close to our hotel. Unfortunately, it didn't, and we were dropped off in a quiet, dark road. No taxi in sight.

Beside us stood an old man, waiting for his wife to pick him up.  Lucky for us, the kind couple offered us a ride to our hotel. I am forever grateful to all of the kind strangers I meet in my journeys.

So, after we got to the hotel, we ventured out to find a restaurant.
There is an old town about 2kms from where we stayed, so we walked along the main road, opposite the sea. Well. Our expectation of "Old town" came to a screeching halt as we just saw..... old.
No charm, no people walking on the streets, no music, NOT EVEN restaurants!!!
So around and around we went, in search for a restaurant.

When we finally found one with people inside, we went in.

We want our food!!!
We were about to order the food, but the server stopped us and told us that the kitchen closes at 23:00.

[Now for my friends out there in the US, Canada, and the UK, I have to tell you that when we go out to eat in Greece, we don't go out until about 10pm. The dinner usually lasts until about 12-1 in the morning. It is absolutely UNHEARD OF that a kitchen, on a Friday night closes at 11pm.]

So, after 3hrs bus ride+plane ride+ 1hr bus ride= we were hungry, weary gals!

Finally, [sensing our fatigue] we got to order afterall.

Well fed gals = happy gals :)

Yum yum!! Ps- I love how they put the lemon in there, so only the juice comes out!

After the dinner, we went back to the room, and called it a night.

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