Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April shopping

Soo... with my closet completely full (Greece), my room closet in Canada full, having hosted a clothing party in November, and a bank breaking MEGA shopping haul in Canada when I went to visit, I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything for a long time.

Well.. it's hard when all the shops are within 5-10 minutes walking distance to my house!! :(
And I'm not talking about a MALL like in Canada, or the USA, where you DRIVE there, with a purpose that you will buy something, or maybe just have a look. 

If you are not in the mood for shopping, it's no problem, nothing to distract you because you just see a mall on the outside. You have no idea what fabulous things are on display on the inside. So you go on with your day.

I have no choice! We have the "european", open, individual shops!

Going to Greek school... must pass by shops.
Coffee with the girls... must pass by shops.
Go for a drive... must pass by shops.

All the shops are now neatly in display with their S/S 2011 line, with mannequins wearing bright, floral, crisp clothing, flirting with me while I battle with myself inside.

What's a girl to do??

But I have to say that I did pretty good !! *pats self on the back*
Check it out:

Blouse from Zara. On sale for €15.

Skirt with front pockets! €35.

Grey loose pants from local store "ICON" on sale from €51 to €16.

White dress from ICON on sale for €15.

Pair of flats at a local shop "FYTRAKIS" for €10.

Cha Ching!
I think I did pretty well, scoping out the items at a super price!

Now if I can somehow organize my closet ..........


Lisa said...

Ohh you got some super cute things at some seriously amazing prices! I can't to shop till I drop when I get to Europe heheh

Cindy Yang Lee said...

Lov eall your purchases!