Friday, April 1, 2011



Who doesn't love giveaways, right?
I've been following Lisa's blog since pretty much day 1 of blogging, and her posts are always such an eye candy. I'm so excited that she is doing a giveaway! YAYY!
Click on the image to check out her blog, and to see how you can enter.

Also, I am excited to share my girlfriend Kim's blog, click here to check her blog out!


Kim's Vanity said...

Thank-You, Jennnaaa!
I'm soo happy you are blogging now, too. Now I can look at your beautiful mug even more than on facebook! hhehe. Plus you have a great way with words.
Love YOU

Jooyeon said...

Kim Kimmayy

I'm so happy too! We can stay more connected and we can "catch up" more of what's happening in our lives here. he he. Love Lovveess