Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calling all BEBE lovers!

BEBE Hearts Japan Relief Tee

While checking my e-mail today, I saw this and had to share.

One of my fav stores BEBE are selling this cute t-shirt for $32.00.
100% of the net profits will directly benefit the Red Cross Relief in Japan.

Japanese characters on shirt sleeve spell out words of encouragement, "Don't give up. We are with you Japan!" 

Check out some of the "After math" photos here.

Let's continue to pray for them and send them help as they try to get their lives back!


Anonymous said...

I love BEBE!

When I have some time off work next week I plan to go on a shopping - I will definitely stop at BEBE :D

Dale said...

This shirt is great and for such a good cause. I haven't shopped at BEBE in a while.

Keep up the great posts. I really like your blog