Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 3

Whew, I am definately feeling sore from the last 2 days and also feeling tired. Both emotionally and physically. I am attending 2 different Greek classes from Mon-Fri , 3hours (3 times/wk), 2hrs (3times/wk). I am finding it a bit difficult to juggle that between dance classes, socializing, and incorporating my new fitness routine. But I'll figure it out :)

I ended up waking up late today, so I only had a banana for breakfast. When I came home, I had a 0% Greek yogurt with honey.

In the evening, I danced for 2 hours, but I felt that I should do at least SOMETHING. (Dance doesn't really feel like exercise- more like PLAY TIME! )
So there! Although it is 1am, I completed  the 100 Supergirl Plank.

I didn't do all 100reps in plank position, I had to go on my knees (which felt too easy), so I did the last 30 reps in the right position.

I think by tomorrow, my legs will feel better, so that I can do the "One legged Gypsy"


lilalo said...

looks like a lot of pressure to me. take it easy, dear. remeber what the Greek say: siga-siga:)

Jooyeon said...

Thanks Anna! :)

I did have to take it easy after the first week, because I was too burned out. :(

Hopefully I'll get into a good routine again.