Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Remember what I said yesterday, "That was it?"
I regretted saying this as I woke up this morning and felt stiff/soreness in my calves!! Boy oh boy! I take it back!!
I comtemplated backing out of my workout, but ... as we all know No pain = No gain.

So I started my morning with a great breakfast:
- 0% fat Greek yogurt
- Dried apple (home made)
- 1 Banana
- Ground flaxseed
- Organic Bee Pollen
- Freshly squeezed OJ

After a few hours, I began my exercise for the day.

Balance, Strength and Agility
4 Sets of 4 exercises
-Jump Squats w/ Diagonal touchdown 20 reps
-One leg hop kick

Finished in 17:35 ... Beat Zuzana's score of 23mins46sec !!
However, I must of went a bit ahead of myself, as I nearly threw up when I finished. :(

Seeing how hard this exercise was, I thought I deserved a nice little plate of SPAGHETTI!!
I don't know if it was because of the exercise, or if it was just that good, but this was the best plate of spaghetti I've ever had!!!

This tempting dish of carbs made my (already eaten) man to chuck his PS3 and run to the kitchen table.

-Sautee 2 Cloves of garlic and 1 Medium red onion in Extra virgin olive oil.
-Add 1 Red bell pepper, mushrooms, tomato sauce. Stir.
-Add pinch of salt, pepper, flakes of chili pepper, paprika and some fresh parsley.

I added some slices of salmon for protein, parsley + cheese for garnish. YAY!


MissAvaBaby said...

That looks healthy..

Love your new site. I hope to see you on mine.

Jooyeon said...


Wow, my first comment/follower!
Thanks for taking the time to view my page.
I'm still trying to get a hang of things here..
Just visited your site-looks fab!!

Happy Blogging <3