Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Costumes

Whether it be Halloween, Carnival, or a costume party-
Every year, each of us go through ideas of what we should dress up as, and often times end up spending a lot of money on last-minute costumes.


How about creating a costume that is inexpensive, and most of all.. unique?

The last 3 years or so I've been creating my own costumes (and I am no sewing expert)

Check it out:


Spent $15 CDN at Wal-mart :

-1 metre green fabric
-1 metre white-shimmery tulle fabric
-1.5 metres of dark green stretchy ribbon
- Buy or create your own wings/wand
Those are the basics..
I basically wrapped the fabric around my body to whatever style I wanted, then tied them.
(you can also safety-pin them in place)

Then if you want to add some funk, you can buy some butterflies and glitter at the craft stores to attach to your dress and hair.

Greek Goddess


-1 bedsheet
-2 metres of gold rope from craft store
-1 metre of skinny gold string
- 0.5metre elastic band
- fake plant (€1)
- gold jewlery

Total cost of maybe €6  (9 dollars)
Same concept as above, wrap bedsheet around body, safety pin it.

Tie gold rope around waist. Tie skinny gold string around your hair as hairband.

Sew fake plant into elastic band and make arm band.

Attach fake plant to hair, sandals, etc.


I threw this on last-minute, as I hadn't decided what I will be for our birthday celebration.
I thought it was a good idea, (as I slaved away in the kitchen preparing all the food) it was important that I wore black (for any spills and splashes!). So why not be a ninja?!
I had a black silky robe from La Senza, and of course black tights.
wrapped around Stef's t-shirt on my face and voila! Ninja with no money spent.

note: I made some ninja stars out of a cardboard box and aluminum foil.
My bf still makes fun of me for that, ha ha!

Ideas that didn't make this year's cut:
-White blouse + skirt OR  a 1 pc white dress
- White stockings
- Rubber gloves
- Patient chart
-Make own hat

-Blue striped white shirt, or dress
- Add some gold jewlery
- Navy Hat
- White gloves

School girl
This is the easiest to do, as I am sure most of us have these:
- White blouse
- Tie
- Short skirt
- High knee socks
- Glasses
- Books

I say dressing up shouldn't leave a hole in your pocket!
Why not swap costumes with your friends?

This year, my dear friend Carla wore Stefanos' last year's costume,
Stefanos wore Greg's,
and Greg wore Stefanos' wig!

Happy costume makin'!

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