Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Movie

Today was the perfect Sunday.

We woke up to the sweet sound of raindrops this morning and we both knew we weren't going anywhere today. My man loves his rainy days because that is a sign that it is still "winter". (We work many, many hours in the summer. He works every day in the winter too, but not as physically demanding as the summer.)

So, we love to stay in our PJ's and cuddle on the couch on rainy Sundays.

We watched a movie on TV that we both haven't seen in a while- "Click". I had forgotten what the movie was about, but was intrigued and decided to see it after my man commented that the movie reminds him of his life.

It is a story of a workaholic architect who has a lovely family, but often neglects them due to work. One day he gets a universal remote control that can control all aspects of life, letting him pause, fast-forward, and skip chapters of his life. Eventually he skips through so many aspects of his life that he loses all of the important memories. He then realizes life's true meaning: enjoying life with his loved ones.

Throughout the movie, we both cried a few times. The movie illustrates so powerfully what many people go through on a daily basis. Living life on a fast-forward and not really paying attention to our family members. Mainly because they are "always around".

But what if they are no longer around one day?

I had to ask myself:
How many times have my mother asked me to do something but I replied in an annoyed way? Or not even bothering to answer? How many times I've said hurtful things to my brother, just because I was angry at the time?

That movie made me so sad in how I may have affected my loved ones, but also a good slap-in-the-face towards reminding myself of my actions in the future.

So, now I ask you:

*How have you acted towards your loved ones in the past, and how do you feel about it now?
*What would you do to change it?
*What if you had a universal remote that could control your life? What would you do?

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